SDF Valet Parking

Valet Parking at SDF is available at the right corner of the passenger terminal. The area provides Upper-Level Curb pick-up and drop-off service; Besides the parking space houses Electric Car Charging Stations. Reservation can be made via telephone (502) 380-3723. The daily cost of parking is 24$.

SDF Long-term Surface Parking Lot

Long-term Surface Parking Lot is located on the right side, behind the parking terminal. Long term parking has no hourly rates but has a weekly price of 54$ (7thday is free). Airport Courtesy shuttle service is available every 10-15 minutes from/to terminal. Shuttle runs from 5 a.m. until 30 minutes past the last arriving flight.

Daily over/under 4 hours Parking Garage at SDF

In front of the passenger terminal, with a short-term parking lot on the 1stlevel and daily parking on 1st-3rdlevels, there are two options: Parking under-4-hours and over-4-hours.

Parking under 4 hours, the first hour is $1, each additional 30-minutes $1, up to a daily maximum of $19. There is a height restriction - 9'1". Besides, there are spaces for handicap customers.

Parking over 4 hours, each hour is $2 up to a daily maximum of $13, along with a weekly rate of $78 (Note: the 7thday is free). There is height restriction - 7'7".

SDF Accessible Parking Service

Parking garages at Louisville airport has provided Handicap Parking lots for passengers with special needs and assistance. The area is available in both the over and under the 4-hours sections of the garage. Passengers using this service should have a handicap hangtag on the vehicle to be charged as a handicap.

SDF Credit-Card-Only Lot

Credit-Card-Only Lot is located on the East side of the terminal, near the accessible parking spaces. Daily cost is 8$, and paying is only allowed via credit card.

SDF Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Cell Phone Waiting Lot is available at the Louisville International Airport. The area is accessible from the upper-level roadway. Customers should follow the blue and orange sign. Drivers should stay in the car until they receive pick-up calls from arriving passengers. Unattended vehicles at Cell phone Lot, are subject to tow.



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